The Most Perfect Shorts


These shorts, you guys. Under $100 yet when they’re worn they have that high-end look. These are a versatile pair that can be dressed up or down for whatever occasion. Personally, I prefer them to be the main piece of the look, so I just went with a plain black top. Tip– they come up so high that they could easily be worn with a crop top also.  I love having certain type of clothes in my closet and knowing I won’t have to stress about what to wear with them because they can be worn with basically anything, like a simple tank. They have saved many clothing crisis (lol!), thought I’d share because I know i’m not the only one who experiences those from time to time. ;)

Outfit details: 

Shorts here (Under $100! comes in 2 different colors)

Top here (similar to mine)

Bag here (Obsessed with the (fake) snake leather material)

Watch here (current favorite watch! use EMMAK25 – 25% off!)



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